Our Mission

Our mission is to work directly and personally with each one of our customers, providing them with the very best credit card processing services and equipment. Our goal is to inform our customers about all costs involved in accepting credit cards, so that there are no surprises. We believe that Honesty and Integrity are the most important things that we have when working with our customers. We will always go the extra step when it comes to taking care of customers.


Artist Support

TeaMac, Inc. has served the artist and crafter community for over 21 years in the credit card processing industry. Through the years, we’ve done something for the artist and crafter community that no other company has done. We donate over 10% of our net profits each year to artists who have had devastating losses. Any time we hear of clients who have fallen on hard times, we send a check to that artist for $500 to $1500, replace their wireless terminal for free if it was damaged, and stop their monthly fees until they get back on their feet. They have no warning the help is coming. We simply send the donation in the mail with a note telling them to call us if we can do anything else to help. Many artists have, as a result, recognized our team’s value and joined our group. Thank you for helping us help you all these years.

TeaMac, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.